Antique area rugs, oriental rugs, and Persian rugs transcend its craftsmanship and artistry. These valuable collections reveal cultures, traditions and histories of the earliest civilizations in the East. Gazing at a hand woven rug invites you to journey and explore its hidden history.

Authentic Persian rugs have a universal and timeless decorative appeal that can instantly transform any confined space. These rugs bring in its ageless elegance that has defied time. But aside from its artistic appeal, antique rugs have become sought-after collectible art pieces. Because of the high value the uniqueness of these antique oriental rugs command, they have become luxurious investments – just like any other artwork.

At Area Rug Collection, we strive to make the appreciation of this art more relevant to the modern times. We work closely with our clients to make their rug purchase the most rewarding experience. We are honored to have worked with numerous decorators, home makers, and interior designers, over the past years. It always delights to get positive feedback and reviews from our satisfied clients.

And to ensure that our catalogue contains only the very finest, authentic antique rugs, we collaborate with carpet dealers and auction houses from all over the world. We have built strong relationships with reliable and trustworthy antique rug dealers and collectors. Backed by our long years of experience in the industry, we are able to maintain a comprehensive collection of genuine antique, vintage and hand-woven rugs.

Our inventory includes quintessential examples of rare, authentic works of art. These Oriental rugs showcase the best rug making techniques, iconography, materials and art of ancient Middle Eastern cultures. Area Rug Collection is dedicated to offer our clients the best rug-buying experience. We will continuously broaden our collection and offer you one-of-its-kind antique and vintage area rugs.

When it comes to purchasing old oriental rugs, we know what collectors and buyers want! And that’s what we always guarantee to deliver!

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