A2350 Antique Chinese Rug

A2350 Antique Chinese Rug

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This hand woven antique Chinese rug dates back to 1900s. Measuring 133 inches long and 68 inches wide, this antique rug is made of quality wool that is still in an amazing good condition despite its long years. Most distinguishing is the differently shaped borders of this Chinese carpet. Chinese antique rugs are especially renowned for its simplistic yet timeless designs.

Quite evidently, the Chinese weavers have an eye for aesthetics, creating an impeccable play of colors for woven craft. Earth shades are chosen very carefully to complement each other. The carpet comes in the neutral spectrum of beige to dull gold while borders come in moss green-brownish hue. Using a contrast of colors is a usual technique applied by Chinese weavers to add texture. Chinese antique rugs often accentuate a center with angular ovals which represent familiar scenes such as nature, animals and other artistic Chinese ideographs.

Interestingly, Chinese antique weaving art managed to preserve its authentic Chinese and oriental essence because they were protected from Western influences. Unlike most of other antique rug weaving techniques in other cultures, Chinese antique rugs were produced only for internal consumption. Not opening Chinese rugs to international commerce in the early years of trade allowed the conservancy of Chinese traditional art. Today a lot of antiquarians and artists search for these authentic and unique Chinese rugs. Its exceptional beauty is perfect for a framed wall art. It’s like having a piece of the enormous Chinese history and arts.

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