A2348 Antique Persian Afshar Rug

A2348 Antique Persian Afshar Rug

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The unparalleled Afshar rug originated from Khorasan in the north eastern province of Iran. The nomadic tribes of the Afshar have been known for its exceptional weaving tradition. The antique Persian Afshar rug is famous for its unswerving durable carpets and remarkable artistry.

Finely woven, this Afshar rug spreads 40 inches by 60 inches and weighs about 7lbs. An Afshar rug is always characterized by an allover pattern with a number of motifs surrounded by a series of band borders. The use of “boteh” illustrations in is attributed to the Afshar weavers, “boteh” prints separate the Afshar from other weave works.

Afshar rugs have sets of outlining borders with repetitive motifs like geometric shapes, flowers and rosettes. Shades of rust, red and orange make up majority of the rug field, accented with sporadic figures of blue. The Afshar weavers are specialists fabricating a sophisticated weave that shows their diverse tribal and nomadic way of life. The Afshar rugs are unique for its materials. Afshar weavers use lanolin-rich wool sourced straight from their flock. They perform a brilliant dyeing technique that is only known by their tribe. This hand woven Afshar rug’s size and hot tone enhances the atmosphere of any indoor structure.

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