A2346 Persian Baluch Antique Rug

A2346 Persian Baluch Antique Rug

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Coming from the southwestern region of Pakistan, Balochistan is the mother province the reputable Baluch rug. The Baluch rug, also spelled as Balooch, Belouch or Balouch, is prudently hand woven by the Balochi people.

The rug is frequently associated with the Torkeman rugs because of several similarities. Both the Torkeman and Baluch rugs characterize a dark red background with repeated gul motif.

Measuring 52 inches by 68 inches, this Baluch rug is inarguably larger than the usual Torkeman rug. At 7 lbs, the Baluch rug weighs much more than the Torkeman rug. Torkeman rugs are said to be of more durable than the Baluch but the Baluch rug is unique for the use of camel hair as one of its materials. The camel is very valuable to the Balochi people – it is utilized for their daily activities and it is also an inspiration for artwork.

Camel prints as well as gul medallions are the usual designs that appear on a Persian Baluch rug. These designs are printed with yellow and ivory white to create a harmonious contrast with its fire toned background. Despite is flexible wool material, the Baluch rug is resistant and is capable of surviving numerous generations of use. Baluch rugs are great for domestic use; they make good saddle bags, tent trappings and table runners.

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