A2345 Antique Persian Sarogh Rug

A2345 Antique Persian Sarogh Rug

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This exquisite Antique Persian Sarogh (Saruq or Sarouk) Rug is a hand-woven rug made of wool and cotton materials. Dating back to the early 1900s, the Saruq rugs were meticulously woven by traditional weavers in a remote village in Persia, by the same name, located around twenty miles of Sultanabad.

Measuring 42 inches in width and 57 inches in length, and weighing around 7 lbs, this antique Persian Rug, with its fascinating allover design, can instantly be a centerpiece in any interiors. It follows the intricate rug weaving technique of ancient Middle East — that equates to artistry and quality.

The bright red color of the field accentuates the geometric motifs of flowers. It is heavily laden with an array of floral motifs – single strands of flowers, bouquets, and vines dot the field. One can imagine how artistic its makers are. Surely, the rug weavers in this part of Persia have a vast catalogue of floral motifs and they have showcased just a few their designs here.

Most noticeable is its central floral design –the same design can also be seen in many Persian rug medallions. The inner and outer borders display repetitive geometric designs that give a hint about its weavers’ identity. Meanwhile, the main border is lined with floral designs. It gets a royal blue color, which gives the rug a dark border. This design element is most welcome as it further emphasizes the bright red field. The velvet like pile shows a good quality and minor wearing. Seen from on top, this Persian rug appears like a royal garden tended carefully and rendered in geometric shapes.

Because of its artistry, quality and rarity, Antique Persian Sarogh Rugs are highly coveted pieces. They’ll surely look amazing in your interiors at the same time a great investment!

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