A2344 Antique Torkeman Rug

A2344 Antique Torkeman Rug

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The lavish land of north and north-east Iran is home to the Torkeman weavers. Torkeman weavers’ exceptional gift of art reflects on the Torkeman rugs. Torkeman tribes were said to have started their interest in weaving in the 6th century BC.

This Torkeman wool-made rug is 38 inches long and 16 inches wide. Rugs handmade by the Torkeman weavers vary in size but the Torkeman weaving culture produce relatively smaller compared to other oriental weaving communities. Its handy size is ideal for a long tasteful hallway or a sophisticated reception area. Torkeman rugs weigh not more than a pound, making it easy and perfect to be curated against a wall.

As evident in this piece, Torkeman weavers are fond of the dark shade of red, a Torkeman rug hardly comes dominated by shades of blue and green. Its distinctive feature is the recurrent prints of “gul”. Gul is an ancient Persian word for flower. Round guls signify cosmic figures like the moon, the sun, and the stars. These guls are made of dark blue and black knots, stylized with ivory threads.

Atuthentic antique Torkeman rugs are very much sought after nowadays. It comes not a surprise why it gets a heavy price tag.

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