A2343 Persian Malayer Antique Rug

A2343 Persian Malayer Antique Rug

Originating from the weaving villages of Northwest Persia, the Persian Malayer Antique Rug showcases distinct artistry as compared to its nearby Sarouk and Hamadan weaving communities. Individual weavers produced majority of antique runners and area rugs in this region in the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s not surprising that the many of these antique rugs are exclusively small in size. The larger Persian carpets that measure up to around 10ft by 13ft are woven by family weavers in larger villages. It is very rare to see oversize antique carpets – majority is woven on commission.

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The individual weavers in Malayer and its surrounding villages are renowned for creating intricate Persian antique rugs. The fine details of these Oriental carpets are very distinct, derived from an immense pool of unique motifs and designs.

The distinctiveness of the motifs adds up to the timelessness of these masterpieces. Malayer weavers were known for their love for stylized birds with a twist of whimsical design. Also a recurring motif is the sprouting seed or “boteh” which symbolizes growth and rebirth in nature. The sprouting seed design elements could be seen covering the field in area rugs and runners. It’s also not uncommon for tribal rug weavers to use the well-known Herati design, which comprises of diamonds flanked by leaves and flowers. The vinery lattice and flower head are also very common. Carpets from the Ferahan plain to the East have long served as an inspiration to their creative masterpieces.

The techniques employed by Malayer rug weavers are a combination of nearby Hamadan and Senneh. Allover and medallion designs are mostly employed in this region. These antique rugs tend to be somewhat geometricized or abstract. Other Malayer antique rugs incorporate empty, open space alongside a variety of design elements. In terms of color, Persian Malayer antique rugs can be described as generally soft but varied. The reserve and quiet formality of the Maleyer rugs make them excellent decorative pieces for elegant settings.

Antique Persian Malayer rugs and carpets are now getting their well-deserved attention and appreciation. These timeless masterpieces are surely a great addition to your space, not to mention, a rewarding investment!

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