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Abadeh Rug – 5 Reasons why You Should Own One

There are people who spend tons of money for an oriental rug especially among rug collectors. Oriental rug is a type of rug from Oriental countries. It is not just a rug because oftentimes, these oriental rugs are symbolic, an identity for its makers and a means of showing artistry. One of the most popular oriental rugs that you can find on the market today is Abadeh rug.

Abadeh Rug and its Story

A strategic town in the southern part of Iran, Abadeh is one of the most popular towns of Fars Province. It is known for its famous production of a rug that was named after it. According to history, the strategic location of this town (being the center of four other towns such as Isfahan, Yasuj, Yazd and Shahrekord) made it the most popular marketplace during ancient times.

Design of Abadeh Rug

A good rug collector can easily identify an Abadeh Rug. Known as Heybatlu design, the Abadeh Rug comes with a medallion in its center. This medallion has a diamond shape. On each corner of the rug are smaller medallions. Most Abadeh Rugs are designed with flowers and animals and is often available in colors orange and blue. The corners of this rug are often designed in ivory color. Abadeh Rug has a 90 knot per square inch (KPSI) measurement making it one of the smaller sized and thinnest rug in the market today. In addition, this kind of Oriental rug is made of cotton warp and was closely cut hence it is very flat.

Other design of Abadeh Rug

Aside from having a diamond shaped medallion in the middle, there are Abadeh Rugs that also comes with a clover leaf design in the middle. Although it is mostly available in red, orange, and blue, there are weavers who also use green and ivory.

First market of Abadeh Rug

Since Abadeh Market was the most popular marketplace in the early years, it became the biggest market for Abadeh Rug. It reached as far as Persia resulting to larger demands and more income for Abadeh weavers. The first Abadeh rugs were made of looms. The first buyers of this rug were known as Qashqai People (people from Turkic tribe). To increase production turnaround, first Abadeh weavers turned to cotton and since then, Abadeh Rugs are made of cotton. With continuous production of quality and superior rugs, Abadeh Rug has reached as far as Europe and eventually became one of the most popular rugs in Persia.

Impression on Abadeh Rug

According to history, the design and quality of Abadeh Rug embody the artistry and fine handwork of Abadeh rug weavers.

It comes with high quality

Most if not all Oriental Rugs are known for their quality and Abadeh Rug is no different. It can last a lifetime, and it can be passed on to younger generations.

It never goes out of style

Whether you are getting the medallion designed or cloverleaf designed Abadeh Rug, you can place anywhere in your home and it won’t feel out of place. Another great thing about Abadeh weaving is that their rug looks stylistically modern while at the same time maintaining its traditional design.

It is an investment

Oriental Rugs like Abadeh is are very popular not only for rug collectors but for fashion designers and home lovers as well. It remains to have a strong market even after hundreds of years since it was first marketed in Abadeh market. For its quality, an Abadeh Rug can last for decades or even century if properly taken care of, and once it reached such age, it can be considered as an “antique” and can be sold for a heftier amount.

It is a symbol

The Abadeh Rug is a symbol of respect to all rug weavers, not only for those from Abadeh. It is a symbol of being supportive to the weavers in the Orient and a symbol of a good eye when it comes to rugs. It is also a symbol of love for the environment since rugs are made from natural materials, are hand-crafted, and don’t produce any toxic chemicals.

It is rich with history

The difference between Oriental rugs and factory-made rugs is the history behind it. Abadeh Rug, for instance, has a rich history that started in the market of Abadeh. Every weave and knot of this rug represent the hard work of Abadeh weaver who makes it.


Whether you are an Oriental rug collector or you are just looking for an Oriental rug to invest with, you should seriously consider getting an Abadeh Rug. It is not just rich in history and design, it also comes with quality that is worth every penny you will spend on it.

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